"Implement Safety In Your Life"


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"Candles may look nice, but they’re a growing fire threat in ourcommunities. And   knowing     the facts about candles is a key to fire safety. "Use Candles with Care” This is the first  step to implement safety in your life.   

What is Safety?

         Safety = Freedom from those conditions that can cause injury or death to personnel or damage or loss of equipment and property.

Safety is a wide and interesting subject, because to day every Companies giving importance to Safety...... that's why to avoid accidents in the industry. Did you know what is accident

Importance of Safety In Industry :---

        Industrialization has bought within its wake several problems ,one such is industrial accidents. With rapid advances in Industrial processes, newer type of damages to life, limb and health are being increasing by introduced. Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical and Radiation hazards set us on all sides yearly several lacks of employees are injured in factories due to accidents .

          These accidents represents a social loss of great magnitude in the form of pain, loss of earning capacity and cost due to disturbance to economic efficiency. The economic costs are more tangible of being computed. To the management it is the direct costs meeting medical expenses, compensation disablement benefits to the injured or their families and  also the other indirect costs due to the interference caused by accidents which are generally taken thoroughly as 4 times the direct costs. To the society, the economic cost in terms of productive capacity and the cost of maintenance of the injured and their families through social security schemes or through public or private Charities.

Accident : -

        "It is an Unplanned or unexpected event which causes or likely to cause injury to a person or group of persons ,damage to property  or environmental pollution. "

                 The cause of accidents  are unsafe action or unsafe condition. According to Heinrich Theory  78% of accidents by unsafe actions, 20%by unsafe condition and the remaining 2% by Natural Calamities.

What is Fire?

           Fire is the rapid oxidization of materials with the evaluation of heat and light. then the product of fire is heat ,light, smoke  ....... then the detectors are based thus products.... it is also defined as characteristics of fire.

Me loves my India very much, and my dream  is a Fire safe  India... Would you like  to study about